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wood cleaning tips

Wood Cleaning Tips

It’s a question that we ask ourselves every time we face cleaning of a nice wooden cabinet. Of course, the easiest way would be to opt for specific products for cleaning the wood. But, sometimes, the solution ecological (and economic) is the best.To clean the wood safely, without fear of damaging it, is the first case to understand the nature and chemical composition of the wood. Is it a wood treated or natural? A piece of furniture which is not made of treated wood, is subjected more to the effects of chemical agents. It is therefore more delicate and difficult to clean.

Similarly, most of the wood used for the floors is usually, treated a second time with sealants or lacquers, to make it more resistant to moisture, mold, and protect it from wear and tear. If you want to clean a type of wood is not sealed, the advice is to do it with linseed oil, a type of oil that does not bring damage when absorbed.

Cleaning Wood Floors

Many floors of wood , that need cleaning is based on linseed oil, may be pretreated with a mixture of water and vinegar. This allows you to remove surface dirt and preparing the surface of the wood to a more thorough cleaning. Vinegar, containing a small amount of acid substances, allows you to degrease and remove the accumulated dirt in the nested timber.

Cleaning Deck Wood with Oil

After a preliminary cleaning, prepare a mixture of white vinegar and oil(flax but also olive oil) to clean the wood . The quantities to be used, usually, are in the ratio of 1:1, but the fact remains that if you want to bring out the shine of the floor, you can vary the amount in favor of olive oil (an excellent natural enamel). This mixture of vinegar and oil allows to ensure the long wooden floor, giving it a healthy shining.If you love the room fragrances, try adding a small amount of aromatic oil in your natural cleanser, to leave a pleasant scent throughout the house.

Cleaning Wood By Tea

Tea, in addition to accompanying the best afternoons with your ​​friends, is also an excellent remedy to clean the wood. Start by preparing green tea or black tea in a traditional way, by boiling water (in a large pot) and putting some tea bags to brew.Wait for the tea to reach room temperature and your natural cleanser to clean the wood is ready. Tea is a natural acid that helps to remove dirt like vinegar , it will give the wood a pleasant smell protecting it at the same time, and save it from the effects of time.

Traditional Wood Cleaning Methods

Finally, do not forget to use traditional methods to preserve the wood clean and protected it from the elements. The best solution is the classic soft, damp cloth to remove dust from the floor or furniture.In this way, it helps to keep the timber always clean and polished, making it easier for a more thorough cleaning.

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