Top 10 Oven Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the oven is as important as cleaning the stove.


Because, as a dirty stove emits smells and becomes difficult to clean if not wiped with a clean cloth regularly, a stove too presents the same picture.

However, an oven can become more problematic to clean if not maintained regularly.


To save your oven from developing disturbing smells and becoming a home for insects, Clean my Premises (house cleaning Toronto) brings to you an easy to follow guide for cleaning and oven effectively.


Steps for Oven Cleaning:

Follow the details below to get a nice and shiny oven.


Step 1:

Remove the racks in the oven.

Wash them separately with soap and water.

Step 2:

Take baking soda and mix with a little water.

Use a sponge to apply this mixture on the interior of your oven.

Step 3:

Do not be alarmed when you see that after rubbing the baking soda and water solution on the interior of your oven that it becomes brown.

The changing of color is the indication of a reaction that has started between the grime and the solution. It is good for the cleaning procedure.

Step 4:

Leave the interior of the oven as it is for a night. This will make the baking soda to react to its fullest and make the cleaning job easier.

Step 5:

Clean the now dry baking soda solution with a wet cloth. Reach all the corners of the interior of your oven with the cloth so that you do not miss a spot.

Step 6:

Take vinegar and add a little water to it. Pour the solution in a spray bottle.

Sprinkle the solution generously inside the oven.

Step 7:

Wipe the interior with a dry cloth so that the cleaning process can come to its end.

Step 8:

Place the oven racks back to their places and close the lid.


We hope that you have followed all these steps one by one and have attained the best results for cleaning. Now we would like you to tell us about your experience through Clean my Premises > House Cleaning Toronto Page or official Facebook page.