Ten Tricks for Home Nursery Cleaning

Ten Tricks for Home Nursery Cleaning:

All parents know how much their children love to spend time in their nurseries. However, they also know that the nurseries give a picture of utter chaos after their children are done playing.

The team at Clean my Premises (house cleaning Toronto) knows how hard it is for you to stop your children from creating a mess when they are having a great time playing in their nursery.

Thus, we have designed ten simple steps for you to follow in order to effectively clean the nursery.

Ten Simple Nursery Cleaning Steps To Success:

There are ten ways of reviving order in a disordered nursery. Please read along to know about each of the steps in detail and be ready to retire from this job in less than fifteen minutes:

  1. Ventilation:

It is good to let air pass the nursery more often. Open the window for air while you are cleaning the nursery. By doing so, you will be able to reduce dampness and unwanted smells. You will thus prevent mites from growing into the space of the nursery and make it healthy for the kids.

  1. Make the bed:

While keeping the vents and windows open, jerk the dust off the bed sheets. Then make the bed by straightening the bed sheets, pulling the duvet and by fluffing the pillows.

  1. Sort the mess:

See if your children have been painting, coloring or doing other creative activities. If so, do not throw away everything. That will discourage the children. More so, do not keep everything as it will become difficult for you to make space.

  1. Check for stains:

Check carefully if there are stains or liquid spilled on the carpet and the upholstery. If you do find any, immediately take action. Use detergent to remove the stains so that they do not stay as irremovable marks on your precious belongings forever.

  1. Sort clothing:

Pick up clothes off the floor, shake the ones well which you think can be used again without washing and put others in the laundry basket.

  1. Organize toys:

Pick them up and keep them in their containers. If you find any dirty, pass a damp sponge. In the event that you can put it in the washing machine, add it to the pile of dirty laundry.

  1. Dust the Curtains:

Use a feather duster to dust the curtains. Start dusting them from the top because by doing so, you will be sure of its effectiveness.

  1. Dusting the Furniture:

Use a microfiber cloth and start dusting the bedside and other furniture in the room. Try to dust the cabinet doors as well. Use a feather duster for lampshades.

  1. Empty the Trash:

While emptying the trash, be careful to check for recyclable things and also for those which are not meant to be there. Children may accidently throw their toys in the trash. So, be careful. Put a clean bag on the bin after you are done.

  1. Finally, vacuum:

Focus on vacuuming the areas of the room that your children use the most. Use the fine nozzle to reach the corners of the bed. Also try to reach under the bed to clean from beneath.



We hope that the tips given above have helped you target all the potential spaces that need cleaning and taking care of.


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