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Sanitary Cleaning Methods

Sanitary Cleaning Methods

Does rings and encrustations are present in a yellowish color in water? We advise you some brilliant tips on how to clean the sanitary.

How to clean the sanitary?

There is little to say, the water has a very yellowed and encrusted ugly look. Yet it is not so difficult to make it shine and keep it white and hygienically perfect. We choose the best solutions which have very easy moves.

Bleach: Get yourself a nice pair of gloves and a sponge, which will be reserved just for this task, for cleaning, starting from the top and from the tablet, with hot water and diluted bleach. Pass in each corner, with the support of the brush with respect to the inner parts of water, in particular under the edge and with an old toothbrush to the joints with the tablet and to any areas which are more difficult to reach with the sponge.

Bicarbonate: Once you clean the entire surface, rinse it well and begin the next step. Take some baking powder and put it in a strainer. We recommend these tools because the aim is to “sprinkle” it on the water and toilet brush.

You have to leave it for few hours preferably overnight. Then pull down the water drain, do brushing. At this point your water should be white, shiny and free of germs. To keep it that way, you can just repeat the operation from time to time.

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