Removing Nail Polish Spots from a Wooden Table – House Cleaning Services Toronto

Some women love to adorn their hands with nail polish all the time.

But there are moments when while applying it they accidently spill it on their wooden tables.

To clean the spilt nail polish from the surface of your wooden table and to make it shine like new, Clean my Premises (House Cleaning Toronto Experts) has devised a few simple tricks for you.

How to Clean Nail Polish Spots from Wooden Table:

Use a Nail polish Remover!

To clean nail polish stains from a table all you need is cotton and nail polish remover.

With a cotton swab, apply a small amount of the nail polish remover onto the stain so that it disappears instantly.

To avoid damaging the wood, it is advisable that you use one non-acetone nail polish remover and be very careful because just removing nail polish can damage the enamel that protects the wood.

After that, you can rinse the affected areas with a damp cloth protector.

Use a Hot Iron:

Place a cloth on the affected area.

Take a hot iron and pass it on the cloth.

The heat of the hot iron will make the nail polish leave its place and come off.


The two methods described to you by the Clean my Premises > House Cleaning Toronto Company Experts are very effective. We ensure you that the quality of your wooden table will not be damaged. However, if you any questions regarding the same topic, contact us on our Clean my Premises (House Cleaning Business in Toronto) website or Facebook page.