Party Cleaning

Party Cleaning Services:

Party Cleaning Services
Everyone loves attending a special event, but party cleaning can be a huge amount of work and requires professionals. If you are planning a special event and need a cleaner for afterwards, or if you’re the owner of a facility, hall or local night spot, our staff at Clean My Premises will do a meticulous job cleaning your space. We have detailed below just a few of the businesses we service within the car industry, if you don’t see your business listed below contact us for a cleaning service proposal or additional information!
• Convention Centres
• Auditoriums
• Conference Centres
• Golf & Country Clubs
• Wedding Hallsand Banquet Halls
• Nightclubs, Bars and Lounges
• Bowling and Pool Halls
• Corporate Events
• Cultural and Community Centres

Every future customer needs to see the potential in a hall, centre, club or auditorium, which means it needs to be immaculate. State of the art equipment will be used to keep every surface spotless, providing the best impression possible for future clients and the guests attending their event or customers enjoying an evening in your bar or nightclub. Large events have more spillage and stains, more guests equal more mess. Our highly trained staff will deep clean your facility from top to bottom. Banquet Halls are highly used, as are bars and nightclubs; tables and chairs collect dirt, grease and stains, and become very dingy with use. A thorough cleaning is necessary between events and prior to wedding season so your space can look its absolute best; the staff at Clean My Premises (CMP) will provide you the best and most thorough services.
• Carpet and upholstery cleaning
• Disinfection of high touch surfaces such as light switches, counters and door handles
• Immaculate floor cleaning before and after events
• Hygienic cleaning of all washrooms
• Re-stocking of all washroom supplies
• Special attention to hardwood floor maintenance
• Customary cleaning of entrance and lobby areas
• Dusting furniture, ceiling fans and light fixtures
• Setting and clearing tables of food and debris, folding napkins and table cloths
• Floor polishing before and after events
• Sanitation of all bar equipment and tools

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