How to Make a Daily Task List – House Cleaning Experts in Toronto

By making a list of daily tasks, you will not have to worry about setting your routine for a long time.

This list will help you maintain order in the house and keep it clean.

The Clean my Premises (House Cleaning Toronto) team will help you make a list of daily tasks in this article.

Making a List for Tasks:

To make a list of tasks, divide a sheet of paper into two columns.

One column should specify the morning tasks and the other should be for the night.

Write the tasks to be performed at all times because tasks change everyday. You cannot have the same routine everyday.

Put this list in the book of the house, protected by a plastic cover to serve as the reference.

For Daily Task List:

Create your own list for successful daily planning.

For making a daily task list, these examples will help you get started:

Example of tasks to perform in the morning (you can put them in order as your liking)

  1. Preparing breakfast
  2. Washing dishes
  3. Washing laundry
  4. Folding the dry clothes
  5. Cleaning kitchen countertops
  6. Cleaning the rooms
  7. Dusting the rooms
  8. Watering the plants

Example of the tasks at night (again you can put them in order as your liking)

  1. Preparing dinner
  2. Putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher
  3. Emptying the dishwasher
  4. Putting dry plates and dishes in their place
  5. Preparing coffee or tea
  6. Cleaning the countertops
  7. Emptying the trash

You can also prepare a long term tasks list. This list can contain tasks designed for a week or a month. However, there a lot of changes may occur  in such lists.

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