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Laundry Cleaning

How to do Laundry Cleaning

Every time we do the washing in the machine , we always have a doubt about we can wash which clothes,at how many degrees or if we prefer a hand washing clothes. Of course it is always important to follow the instructions on the labels but almost all the garments can be washed in a washing machine. Here is a small guide on How to do the Washing.

Washing of Tops and Blouses

Tops and shirts are certainly among the leaders which should be washed frequently. Not everyone knows that tops and silk shirts can be safely washed with the “hand wash technique” provided by the washing machines, in any case temperature should not be exceeding 30°C. For shirts and tops in cotton can also be washed at 60°C, this temperature is really effective to remove stains.

How to Wash Jeans

The ideal temperature to wash jeans in a washing machine is 60 ° C.Machine wash of Aglioni wool, Almost all the washing machines provide a wash program for wool. If it is cashmere, you can wash your wool sweaters with a gentle wash, spin a few laps to avoid felting and use fabric softener specifically for wool and delicates.

Machine Wash of  Bedding

Linens and towels should be washed once a week. Better to use a wash at 60 °C which is more effective against mites and germs and add some baking or antiseptic to disinfect.

How to Wash Underwear

The delicate underwear, especially the underwear’s with lace, should be washed by hand. The fabric of Lycra or cotton can be put in a washing machine at a maximum temperature of 60 °C. You can add bicarbonate to sanitize fabrics better.

How to wash your Stuffed Toys

Even soft toys can be washed in machine , but you must use the hand wash technique, and still avoid spin speed. If they are very dirty wipes use the degreaser universal to remove stains.

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