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Kitchen Tips and Tricks

Kitchen Tips and Tricks

How to sanitize the sponges?

Do you know that the sponges are a reservoir for bacteria?

We recommend you to sanitize your sponges. Now there is a question banging in your head, that how to sanitize sponges?

Here are our two useful tricks to sanitize sponges,  the sponges you use daily should be degreased and sanitized at least once in a month.

Sanitizing of sponges in a Microwave:

Rinse the sponge under cold water to remove food debris and dirt. Until the excess liquid leaves the sponge. Now fill a bowl with 1/2 cup of cold water. Wrap the sponge in the towel and put it in a bowl.  After that, place the bowl in a microwave, on the highest heat setting for 2 minutes. Before removing towel, wait for the water to cool down completely.Your sponges are ready to use. Also visit our next blog regarding Mattress Cleaning Tips at our blog section.

Sanitizing of sponges with Lemon:

For light, soften and sanitize sponges, fill a half sink with very hot water  and place sponges into it to soak, add  juice of 1 lemon and 1 tablespoon of salt. Let it soak all night, then squeeze and let them dry.

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