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How To Remove Wax From Clothing

How To Remove Wax From Clothing

Does stain of wax scare you? Do not worry, every blemish have a remedy. Here’s a little guide on how to remove wax stains from fabrics, carpets and furniture.

Removing of wax stains?

How to remove stains of wax? There are several ways to do this, but first let’s see what you need to have:

  • Iron (or hair dryer)
  • Sheets of absorbent paper for ink
  • A spoon or a plastic card (loyalty card type)

Tips for Removing wax from fabric?

To remove wax from the cloth, place a sheet of absorbent paper on the area. Then apply a hot iron on top of the sheet (or use a hot air dryer), so as to melt the wax that will be absorbed from the sheet. Then wash the tablecloth as usual in the washing machine.

How to remove wax stains from carpet?

To remove wax from carpet, if it is not solidified, you can take a spoon to pick it up without extending the stain , but if it is already hard, you can use the handle of a spoon or other tool that is sharp, to pull the pieces more large .

How to remove wax stains from furniture?

The lighted candles on the furniture of the house generate the exact atmosphere for a party with friends. The wax drenched on the floor of the cabinet can be easily detached. Take a hair dryer and heat it at a low speed for a few seconds the surface on which it is poured, then use the side of a loyalty card .

Our tip:

A trick is to place a candle lying inside a container and cover it with water and salt. Let it soak overnight and then dry well, including the wick; the wax will not leak anymore.

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