How to Remove Stickers from Glass or Windows?

How to Remove Stickers from Glass or Windows?

The most difficult job to do is to remove a sticker from a window or glass without staining it. Whatever you do, a sticker always leaves a mark behind.

Moreover, when you have children at home, you always find your windowpanes full of stickers. Some stickers peel off so nicely and easily that you would have never known they were there.

But some of them leave a ton of stickiness and gooey gunk behind, which are too hard to get off.

To remove sticker marks from windows once and for all, there are some quick remedies that we would like to share with you.

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Sticker Removing Methods:

There are three very easy and affordable methods for removing stickers from windows without putting scratch on the glass. The three instruments that we recommend you to use individually for and effective sticker removal are:

  1. Scraper
  2. Vodka
  3. Sticker Shields

Let’s study them and their uses in detail.


A razor blade is usually known as a scraper. Do not be alarmed by this revelation because using a razor blade for removing stickers off a window is one of the most appropriate and effective technique.

You need to use a single edged scraper of razor blade for this process.

Do not start scratching the window with the scraper unless you have applied a solvent to it.

There are many choices for effective solvents available in the market. So, you can either use a lighter fluid, methylated spirit, nail polish remover, vegetable oil or olive oil as solvent.

Use the solvent by soaking it in a paper towel and rubbing it over the sticker. After the sticker becomes soft, take the blade and by lightly pressing it on the window, starting pushing the sticker in the other direction.

As by now the solvent would have dissolved the sticky power of the sticker, it would come off easily.

After the sticker comes off, clean the window with a clean window to see it come out neat and shiny!


Vodka acts as a powerful solvent against stickers.

For using vodka to remove the spiteful sticker off your windows, soak a paper towel in it and gently apply it on the sticker.

Apply an amount of the solvent so that the sticker soaks in it through and through.

Leave the solvent applied for at least 15-20 minutes.

Take a cleaner paper towel and rub it over the now not so resistant sticker.

Vodka does not only remove the sticker, but also polishes the window for a beautiful shiny look

Sticker Shields:

Sticker shields are old yet effective remedies for removing stickers off windows and car windshields.

They are easily available from the market. All you have to do is to buy them according to the number of stickers you want to fight with.

Paste a sticker shield on a sticker and let it stay for a while.

When you think the sticker shield has spent enough time on your window, start peeling it off.


Sticker shield will come off taking the older sticker with it!

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