How to remove stain from wood

Learning how to clean stains on wood is essential.

It is one of the most common materials in our homes and it is normal that they suffer external damage every now and then.

Clean my Premises (House Cleaning Experts in Toronto) brings to you simple methods through which you can attain the perfect clean look for your wooden floors and furniture.


04 Best Methods for Cleaning Stains off Wooden Surfaces:

By using the following methods, you can ensure an effective cleaning of wooden surfaces in a little time.

Method 1: Cleaning Water:

If water spills over an area of non-varnished wood, it is best to dry the surface as soon as possible.

Once it is dry, you can remove the stain that may have been appeared by applying metal polish cream on the affected area.

Always follow the directions given on the cream box.

Method 2: Cleaning Fat Remains

When you are faced with a grease stain, you must act quickly. If the fat stain penetrates into the wood, it can turn into a dark and permanent stain.

So, the first thing you need to is to remove the excess fat using a paper towel or dishcloth.

Then apply vinegar on the stain.

Finish the cleaning process by wiping the remaining fat with a cloth.

Method 3: Removing Alcohol Marks

Alcohol causes a series of white spots on the polished wood.

To remove alcohol stain rub the affected area vigorously with wax.

If the stain still persists, you have the choice to use metal polish cream.

Method 4: Taking Care of Stains Caused by Heat

If heat is responsible for the stain on wood, metal cleaners can return its lost lustre.

However, we will offer a natural solution here.

For it, you will need to make a mixture of vegetable oil and salt.

Spread the mixture on the affected area. Let it dry for a few hours after waxing it.


We hope that the simple methods we have put up in this article will be of immense help for you in getting rid of the stains that appear on wood.

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