How to Remove Smoke Smell From House?

Whenever someone smokes a cigarette in a room, the smell stays in it for so long that it becomes difficult to get rid of it.

Moreover, the smell makes it difficult for the inmates of the house to breathe properly.

Clean my Premises – the best House Cleaning Services in Toronto, has brought to you some very easy tips and methods to remove the smell of cigarettes or snuff in this article.

To benefit from these tips and methods properly, please read along as we explain them to you.

Methods to Remove Smoke Smell From House:

Following are two easy and affordable methods that you can employ to get rid of the problem.

Cat Litter:

The first method that you can use to remove the smell of snuff from ashtrays is to use cat litter.

By using cat litter, you can easily sense the smell of cigarette leave the ashtray and leave it with no odor at all.

You can also use cat litter to remove smell of snuff coming out of cars. It sometimes becomes difficult to retain a pleasant atmosphere in a class because it remains closed almost all the time. Thus, the smell of snuff remains trapped in it and becomes worse with time. By using cat litter, you can get rid of the smell in the car and make it easy for your family to travel in it without coughing out for air.


Vinegar is used to get rid of almost all kinds of bad smells. To remove the smell of snuff from the house, you can add vinegar to the water in the flower pots.

This way, flowers can remain fresh and the disturbing smell can be easily dealt with.

You can use a vinegar and water spray to remove the smell of snuff from your car.



You might have noticed that the CMP – house cleaning Toronto,  experts have not included the method of ventilation in this article. The reason for this is that they believe that even though it is a very easy method, it cannot completely wipe off the smell of snuff from the house or the car.

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