Tips on How to Remove Mold from the Bath?

Removing mold from bathtubs is important not for your health but also from the aesthetics point of view.

The presence of bacteria in the bath is a danger to our health. However, the untidy look that the entire bathroom gives because of that mold is another problem.

CMP – House Cleaning Toronto, cleaning experts advise you to take less stress about the mold and start reading this article which contains very useful methods of easy cleaning for you.


How to Remove Mold from Bathroom:


Regular Cleaning:

It is best to clean the bathroom regularly. By doing so you can easily avoid it becoming a home to mold.

Bleach, Water and Soap Solution:

You can use a bleach, water and soap solution to clean the molds.

Soak a cloth into the solution and rub it on the affected areas of the bath.You will see that the mold stains will come out easy with this method.

After cleaning the bath, dry the bath with a paper towel.

Use Steam:

Steam the bath completely for at least 15 to 20 minutes. This will make the mold soft. Take a sponge and clean the stains quickly before they harden again.


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