How to remove blood from clothing

How to remove blood from clothing:

Blood traces sometimes become obstinate stains if you do not hurry in  dealing with them. Be especially cautious when attempting to eliminate a mark from silk, wool or other fragile fabrics.

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Procedures – How to Remove Blood from Clothing:

Lets discuss the best practices to remove blood spot from clothes:


  • Cold water:

If blood stains are set for a long time, they harden, creating trouble for you. The best way to eliminate blood from cloth is to speedily run the stain under cold water before it has the possibility to dry out.The specific rule to deal with a blood stain is to avoid using hot water because this will degenerate the situation.


  • Hydrogen peroxide:

You can use hydrogen peroxide for natural fabrics like cotton, wool, linen etc. Pour hydrogen peroxide over the stained part: a slight blood will slip away soon, but let it leave for at least an hour. Then rinsed with fresh running water and, if necessary, help with a little Marseille soap to remove the halo.

Precautions: Hydrogen peroxide is a less poisonous substitute use to bleach many of your cleaning jobs. Please keep in mind that it must be stored in a cool dark place to keep from fast breaking down and becoming unproductive.


  • Bicarbonate:

The reason that bicarbonate has so many uses is because of its remarkable chemical formation. It’s tremendous attributes that make it so helpful and versatile around your homes.

We recommend you to use sparkling water, to wet the garment, use to eliminate the bulk of blood.  Pre-test some part of the fabric with moistened bicarbonate and rub it gently. Now rinse it with cold water.

Precautions: The use of the hydrogen peroxide on synthetic fabrics can harm the fibers of the clothes. So avoid it.


  • Wool pants:

Wool is a natural thread derived from animal hairs. Most dyes on wool are secure, but it’s always great to test for colorfastness before proceeding with any stain removal.

Wool is a more delicate fabric in the case of blood stain; it should be treated with hydrogen peroxide. Soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and pat on the stain, leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse it with cold water.


  • Silk:

Silk is a very delicate fabric: equip yourself with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Moisten a cotton swab and alcohol pats on the stain, then, use a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to remove it.

With these simple tips, you will know how to remove blood stains from many tissues.

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