How to Make the Scented Bathroom Soft Scrub

How to Make the Scented Bathroom Soft Scrub

Let’s start by adding one cup of this baking soda to this empty container.

Baking soda is basically sodium bicarbonate. It’s great for cleaning and scrubbing because it removes stains and surface rust. It’s also an effective antifungal and antiseptic.

Then, we pour 5 tables of castile soap.

We use castile soap because it’s a vegetable oil based soap, and it has active ingredients like olive oil and coconut oil. It’s also natural and cruelty-free. Now, it’s time for essential oils. Let’s  prefix 10 drops of our cedarwood essential oils, you can guess which perfumery note it is?  You got it, it’s a base note. Next, it’s 10 drops of our tea-tree essential oils which is our middle note, lastly 10 drops of our peppermint essential oils which is our high note.

Now it’s time to add water, when we have water will make a nice creamy frosting. Are you sure like to add about one quarter glass of water, it’s really up to you.  Now we mix. Glow! look at that. It’s nice. It’s so beautiful. It’s little bubbles for me in there. Look at this cream. Beautiful. Now you must be waiting to have a look at it. And here it is. Look at that, beautiful.

Well you can usually do it’s just take a little bit, apply it on your sponge And scrub away, scrub away.

Here it is – this is our scented bathroom soft scrub! And this is how beautiful it looks.

You can use it to clean your sinks, shower stalls, tubs, and even counters.

We hope you learned a bit about chemistry, biology, aromatherapy, and well how to make the perfect bathroom soft scrub. Feel free to leave your comments below and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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