Keep the house cool in Summer

In the summer season, houses get warm very easily.

It becomes a challenge to avoid the heat and keep ourselves cool when we know that our efforts are going to have but a little effect.

CMP – house cleaning Toronto, brings to you some very effective tips for making your houses cooler in warm days.

Mind you, we will not recommend that you use air conditioners. No at all!


How to Keep your House Cool in Summer:

There are some natural ways that you can use to easily get of the searing heat that burns the house and body in the summer season.

Let us look at the tips one by one for getting rid of the hotness in the house:

  • Make Your Home Airy:

It is recommended that you open windows every morning and evening in summer days. This is because at these times, the air is much cooler than it is in the afternoon.

So, ventilate your house as much as you can to take advantage of the cool breeze.

  • Lower the Blinds:

Lower the blinds in the afternoon to bar as much warmth of the sun as possible.

However, do not close the windows completely. Let the air pass a bit to avoid suffocation in the house.

  • Set Your Fans to Rotate Counter-Clockwise

It is best to set your fans to rotate counter-clockwise in the summers. If you will do so, the fans will reject all the hot air coming into the rooms and let the cooler one stay.

  • Open Windows at Night

Summer nights are usually cooler. It is best to open windows at night to allow the cooler air enter the house and the warmer to leave.

  • Keep Lights Off

Do not switch on lights if you are not in need of them. Lights expel warmth which adds to the humidity of the house.

  • Water your Terrace or Balcony

Water your terrace or balcony in the afternoon. The water when sprinkled on a warm terrace or balcony, takes away the warmth. The warmth of the surface rises as fumes in the air when it is evaporated and leaves it cooler.

Thus, a cool balcony or terrace directly affects the atmosphere of the house from the inside and makes it cool too.

  • Make your Home Go Green

Use as much plants in the house as you can. Greenery is good for taking away the warmth and replacing it with cold. So, by putting pots of plants inside the house, you can ensure the easy passage of cool air.

However, do not a lot of pots inside as this can increase the level of humidity in the house.



We hope that you will benefit from the easy tips we have presented to you in this article for keeping your house cool in summers.

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