How to get white marks off a wood table

Maintaining the surfaces of wooden tables that are used in routine is not easy.

CMP – House Cleaning Toronto team understands this very well and has devised some easy tips which you can employ to make your wooden tables look as new.

Toronto House Cleaning Tips for Clearing Marks Off the Wooden Table:

The best you can do to avoid your wooden tables getting stained is to properly maintain their cleaning.

However, to avoid costly solutions, which are neither environmental nor economic you can follow these tips:

Dust with a Soft Cloth:

Always use a soft cloth for maintaining the shine of your furniture.

Let the soft cloth damp a bit if you see marks on the surface of your wooden table which can be removed easily.

Special Wipes for Timber:

To clean the marks on wooden tables you can use special timber wipes.

Using Mayonnaise and Baking Soda:

If you find a white mark on the wooden table which you will in most cases, apply a small amount of mayonnaise and baking soda on it.

Scrub the mixture on the wooden table with a soft cloth. While scrubbing, let the mixture heat by using a hair dryer on it.

After the mark disappears completely, wipe the surface to clear off any remains of mayonnaise and baking soda.

Polish the Wooden Tables:

It is advisable to polish the surface of a wooden table with a clean cloth to regain its luster, every month or two months.

Every six months we will have to spend a little more time.

So, first cleanse the area well and then use a soft cloth to polish the wooden table with a good quality wood wax.


The solutions we have presented in this article have been tried and tested by the CMP house cleaners. If you have any questions about the procedures required for each tip, ask us through our website Clean my Premises > House Cleaning Toronto and our Facebook page.