How to Get Rid of Woodworms By CMP – House Cleaning in Toronto

Removing woodworm is essential to preserve our furniture.

Prevention is usually the best solution for this problem.

However, in this article Clean my Premises (House Cleaning Services in Toronto) experts will indicate what how you can locate a woodworm attack, what factors favor its appearance and how to act in order to end it.

Signs for the presence of Woodworm:

The plague is characterized by its appearance on the wood surface.

Small undetectable woodworm holes appear on the wooden surface when it is attacked by woodworms.

In addition to the noise produced by the larvae chew, you can observe that there is no dust around the holes.

Factors that Favor Woodworms:

Although there are woods like juniper, acacia and mahogany which are resistant to woodworms than others such as beech, maple or brown, this insect can kill anything that is made from them.

In addition, old or cracked furniture in a humid environment whose temperature ranges from 20 or 24 degrees Fahrenheit, will become the ideal spring for propagation habitat.

Treatment Method:

Undoubtedly treatment depends fundamentally on the degree of impairment suffered by the object.

In any case, we can find a wide range of effective products in the market to eradicate the woodworm.

Presented in different forms we can obtain liquids or sprays, offering to be injected into the wood.

You can also use a furniture varnish. It constitutes a first effective barrier in the fight against woodworm.


If in any case, you fail to kill the woodworms, and it threatens to spread to sensitive areas such as the seams of the house, it is advisable to hire the services of a professional. You can call us through CMP > House Cleaning Company in Toronto website or pose your question on the Facebook page.