How to Get Rid of Paint Smell from the House

Whenever you paint your house, it does look beautiful, but the paint leaves a permanent smell.

The smell of paint does not go easily and becomes a headache after some time.

The strong smell of paint also becomes the reason of allergies and breathing problems.

To get rid of the paint odor and make your house smell fresh again, the Clean my Premises – House Cleaning Toronto, brings to you the following easy and affordable tips.

5 Tips to Get Rid of Paint Smell from House:

1) Use Acrylic Paint:

Acrylic paint is water-based. It has very little odor and can be used after you are done painting the house.

Paint the same wall with a no color acrylic paint. This way, you can remove the disturbing smell of the paint from the room.

2) Ventilation:

To prevent the paint odor from hanging in the air, let the windows stay open.

It is also recommended that you switch on the fans. With the open windows running fans, the paint odor can be easily vacuumed out of the rooms.

3) Add Vanilla To Paint:

This might seem odd, but this is one of the best tips we can give you to get rid of paint smell as quickly as possible. Add two teaspoons of vanilla to one litre of paint.

You will feel that the paint odor will not disturb you rather, your house will smell pleasantly of vanilla.

4) Onions:

Place a bowl containing a sliced onion in cold water in a room you have just painted.

Onion and water will absorb the paint smell in a little time.

5) Ammonia:

Place a pan containing water and a tablespoon of ammonia in the painted room.

Ammonia is a strong odor absorbent. It also has its own distinct smell. So, do not use a lot of it; a tablespoon is enough.


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