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how to clean washing machine

How to Clean Washing Machine

According to research, the machine appears to be one of the most used appliances in the house. How to clean it? How to make it last longer? Here is our complete guide on how to clean the washing machine.

How to clean the washing machine?
Limestone and mold are the main problems that afflict your washing machine . With the right precautions you can extend the life of the  favorite appliance’s, limiting the damage of the hard water and always having a clean laundry and fragrant.
How to clean the washing machine: External and Ports

To clean the washing machine is central to both the aesthetic to make it last longer over the years. First, serves a mixture  to clean the outside of the washing machine and the door , here you need:

  • 1 tablespoon  of  liquid castile soap
  • 100 ml  of  white vinegar
  • 500 ml  of  water
  • 4 drops  of essential oil of  lemon
  • 1 tablespoon  of  baking soda

Pour all ingredients into a spray bottle, shake it well and spray on the surfaces of the appliance, pass a damp sponge and you’re done.

How to clean the washing machine Filter

One of the first thing to do is to keep the filters clean of the water inlet and outlet . The mesh filters should be checked and cleaned  at least once in a year . The filters of the load are positioned at the point where the  tubes enter into the washing machine , while the exhaust is typically positioned on the front and is repaired by a flap. Dismantling of the filters  must be done with the machine at rest  and after making sure that you have closed the taps of water. For precaution, always put a bowl under the point where you are removing the filter.

How to clean the washing machine Seals

To avoid the formation of mold, which can cause bad smell  and even corrupt the cleaning of laundry, the washing machine should be  cleaned periodically . In particular, we must take care of the cleaning of  the rubber and gaskets that make up the closure of the drum , the trays for the introduction of detergent and softener and the basket itself.

It takes just a bit of melt detergent used to wash clothes in hot water  and, using a sponge, or a comfortable microfiber cloth, go with this compound. Finally, run a  complete cycle without clothes , using a little detergent. If you are fortunate to live in a place where the water does not contain limestone, are rare but there are places, you can stop here, otherwise you need to worry about this too. A panacea against the  limestone is vinegar . The vinegar, as well as having a disinfectant, has the power to  dissolve the limestone .

How to clean the washing machine Drums

To perform a cleaning of the machine,  in order to dissolve any accumulations of limestone, we can pour a  cup of vinegar in the basket , and more vinegar into the detergent and softener, then start the washing machine for a wash cycle to empty. The vinegar is also very useful to clean the trays  and the tires of the opening of the porthole, in case you are already formed mold, with a mixture of vinegar and water, bad odors disappear. Also read our new article regarding unique tips for cleaning ski boots .

Our Tip:

If you don’t know how to remove the smell of damp and musty from the washing machine? The remedy is to use  powder detergents , also home made ​​with natural ingredients, which help to make a  mechanical scrub  along the tubes when invoked detergent from pan. Furthermore, the temperature of the wash of whites occasionally, must be  60 ° or more , so as to completely dissolve detergent that is not going to stop along the tubes resulting in smelly bacteria.

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