How to Clean Under the Bed ?

How to Clean Under the Bed

How to Clean Under the Bed?

The lower beds, or container, are the precursor for the comfort and space savings in the bedroom. They have, however, a problem: how to clean the floor below? How to remove the dust?

Under the beds the powder accumulates but it becomes complicated to remove when it comes to a very low bed or one of those with the container. How to clean under the bed? Here are some of our recommendations.

How to clean under the bed container?

The bed containers usually have effortlessly detachable panels. At least once in a week remove them and pass a dampened cloth on the floor with water and a little lemon juice. Rinse it more than once so as to completely eliminate all the dust that has settled. Let the surface dry and then re-installed the panels.

How to clean under the low bed?

If the bed is low and has no detachable panels around it, the issue is slightly more intricate. Get yourself a thin stick which should be enough long. Fixed is a sheet of cotton on its top that has been moistened with water and vinegar. Slide it on the floor under the bed and remove all the dust. You can make it even twice a week; depending on the time you have available to devote to the care of the house.

Avoid the accumulation of dust:

If you want to avoid large accumulations of dust, sincerely spend a electrostatic cloth under the bed, helping with the classic broom, or choose an unconventional method of preservation: if your bed permits, enter your objects in large plastic boxes equipped with wheels. In this way, by moving them according to your needs, cleaning will become even easier and faster, and the floor under the bed will be always clean and you can wash less frequently.

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