How to clean silicone mold – House Cleaning in Toronto

The silicone molds are used both in baking and cooking.

It is important that they are properly clean before and after use.

Let’s see what the Clean my Premises (House Cleaners Toronto) experts suggest for cleaning silicone molds.

Methods for Cleaning Silicon Molds:

Washing Silicon Molds:

The silicone molds should always be washed before use in order to ensure that they are not contaminated by bacteria during storage.

To wash silicone molds, put them directly into the dishwasher or washing with non-abrasive dish soap and a sponge.

Remove Food Debris Before Washing Them:

Even if we put the silicon molds into the dishwasher, it is advisable to remove food debris before with a paper towel or a wet cloth.

Do not Use Pads:

It is very important not to use pads and check that it is well clarified.

Surfactants or soaps with strong fragrance can stay impregnated in the mold if left too long soak.

Preserving silicone molds

For preserving the molds longer, it is important not to let them get in contact with direct heat sources such as glass ceramic, flame or abrasive soaps.

However, there is no problem in stacking or folding them for storage, since silicone is a very flexible material and can recover the shape of the mold smoothly.

Clean My Premises > Toronto Cleaning Experts have given some very easy and effective methods through which you can easily clean and preserve silicon molds for safe use. We hope that these methods will be of help and you will tell us about how they went for you through our website or Facebook page.