How to Clean Shower Curtain – House Cleaning Services in Toronto

The shower curtains give a sophisticated look to the bathroom.

However, they also get dirty soon.

To clean the shower curtains quickly and effectively follow these steps defined by the Clean my Premises > House Cleaning Toronto cleaning experts.

Methods for Cleaning the Shower Curtains:

Method 1:

To keep clean the shower curtain, regularly wash it with hot water and soap.

If is too rusty, let it soak for ten minutes in a mixture of one part household bleach to four parts water before putting it in the washing machine.

Method 2:

You can also rub the rust off the shower curtains by using a paste of baking soda and water.

Apply the mixture and then rinse the curtains with water.

Method 3:

Another solution if there is a lot of mold on the shower curtains, is to spray a commercial mold remover.

Do not forget to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Method 4:

On the other hand, if mildew has not yet appeared on the shower curtains, use a little salted water to wash them.

After soaking the curtains in the salted water for some time, the drain them completely.

Then let them sit for 15 minutes and wash them with water.

Finally dry the curtains or hang them back so that they dry on their own.

The CMP > Toronto House Cleaners Expert cleaning team hopes that this article has given you enough insight into washing your shower curtains with the utmost ease and perfection.

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