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How to Clean A Paintings!


clean household paintings, How to Clean Paintings, House cleaning torontoWhile this the season to be jolly, it can also be that time of the year where chaos takes over your lives! So, when you are busy your spare time doing holiday related things, why not let CMP cater to your cleaning needs.Christmas is around the corner, and so is the built up of dust, pollutants and mess that you didn’t get time to clean yet.

CMP not only provides all types of house cleaning services in Toronto, but is now also taking that extra step to help make your lives easier, by teaching you few tips of the , involved in various aspects of residential cleaning. Our team has put together for you, the 12 most important household cleaning chore-sand ways in which they can be performed properly in a quick, easy and hassle free manner. Our Next Blog Is Regarding Window Cleaning visit that for cleaning help.

Mean while we continue with Tips on how to clean the most important part of interior, Wall Paintings!

Contrary to how obvious it may seem, there are various important principles involved in cleaning residential wall paintings, especially the expensive and originally made oil ones! The more authentic a painting is, the more its value. And proper care and maintenance is essential in keeping its authenticity. However, most people fail to maintain this by either by leaving them unclean for months and even years, or not cleaning them properly. This leads to canvases being damaged, deterioration of paint, and loss of its natural shine.

CMP recommends few quick and easy tips on how to clean your wall paintings properly to make them looking natural, shining and longer lasting.

Do not use harsh chemical sprays to clean your paintings. In fact even Windex is not recommended as a cleaning reagent.

Where necessary, sprinkle water Avoid the use of water, or harsh chemical sprays, directly on the painting itself. Rather, use water in a microbar cloth.

Spit has been scientifically known to pick up dust and dirt easily. So use a cotton swab for delicate curves and crevasses, and damp it with little spit and watch it do wonders!

Pieces of bread are also highly effective in absorbing dirt from delicate surfaces. This method of gently stroking the surface with bread is highly effective in wiping off yellowed varnish, and grime in aged paintings. So, instead of throwing out stale bread next time, just use it to wipe the dirt off of your décor!

Do not wipe the surface of paintings. Instead dab using circular motions in the direction of brush strokes.

You would be surprised how a mere hour out of your day can help save you a lot of money, just by taking proper care of your possessions. Try cleaning your paintings this holiday season, and see the change it can bring to the overall decor of your interiors! A little bit of shine can go a long way in making a difference?

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