How to Clean Mirrors with Natural Products

How to Clean Mirrors

How to Clean Mirrors with Natural Products

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the most brilliant of them all? There are many ways to clean the mirrors; especially with natural products. So here is a brief guide to make the mirrors elegant and luminous.

How to clean the mirrors?

How to clean the mirrors and make them perfect? The cleaning of the mirrors succeeds well, in the face of commitment. There are several little tricks that we reveal to get a perfect result that would be good for bedroom mirrors and bathroom mirrors. There is no comparison between a mirror that seems crystal clear and one which, though clean, is full of streaks and stains. Let’s see how to clean the mirrors and make them brighter without losing too much time:

  • Let’s start by a very dirty mirror; if you find yourself in front of stains, fingerprints, halos that persist for some time, you should act decisively. In a spray bottle, prepare a solution formed by a quarter of water, half a glass of alcohol, half a glass of vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing detergent. Shake over a bit of the obtained product and wipe with a damp cloth. Ending with a sheet of kitchen paper. Also read our next blog regarding Chimney Cleaning.
  • If you prefer, a solution of warm water with a little well dissolved bicarbonate is effectual and serviceable to give brilliance to the mirrors, small and large. If your mirrors are not markedly dirty, simply wipe them with a moistened cloth with warm water.
  • A halo is your number one enemy? Keep the tea leaves heated and coat the surface enclosed in a soft cloth.
  • To clean the edges of the mirrors and it’s hard to reach the places, dip a cotton swab in the cleaning solution. The end which is not used, you can use it to dry the same areas. You know what is the use of the shaving cream? It’s ideal for polish and rejects the steam on reflective surfaces.
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