How to clean beach mat – House Cleaning Service Toronto

There are different types of beach mats and different ways of cleaning them.

Let’s see what the Clean my Premises (House Cleaning Toronto) experts have suggested for cleaning beach mats so that you can enjoy the summer.

Ways for Cleaning Beach Mats:

Dirty beach mats have different ways of ending stains through. The cleaning process in this regard highly depends upon the material ​​the mat is made of.

Use a Brush:

The classic mat made from straw can be cleaned with a brush and a solution of mild soap and water.

You have to ensure that the bristles are soft to avoid damaging or breaking the straw.

Then you have to rub it with a damp cloth and let it dry in the air.

Cleaning in Washing Machine:

There are mats that are made from fabric and usually have an internal filling.

Some, those without padding and fabric can be washed in the washing machine.

Using Ammonia for Cleaning:

The beach mats that cannot be washed in the washing machine, should be cleaned with ammonia.

Make a mixture of ammonia soapy water in a bowl.

With a moist sponge, clean the stains off the mat.

If you have any plastic part, you can rub it with this solution too.

It isn’t very difficult to clean beach mats. However, there are certain methods that need to be applied for different types of mats. The CMP Toronto expert team hopes that the methods explained will help you getting the best results in cleaning your mats. For more information regarding the topic, talk to us through the Clean my Premises (House Cleaning Business in Toronto) website or Facebook page.