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How to Clean Bathtub

How to Clean Bathtub

Often used for the safety of the elderly in the bath, the bath mat is likely to become black and moldy over time. Is there any remedy? Sure, here’s how to clean the bath mat.

Cleaning of the bath rug:

How to clean rug in a tub? Mat is an essential in the bathtub.  It feels so bad when it begins to blacken and rot. Let’s keep it as good as new with a few small winning strategies . Here’s how to clean the floor mat of the tank:

The program:

The “job” of the mat is to be despite contact with water, into a tub or shower tray: This course facilitates the formation of dirt and mold, anti hygienic and ugly to behold. Do we have to continually change the mats?

No, it is not necessary. Just pay a little attention to them.

Bathroom Cleaner:

After a bath or shower, get in the habit of passing a sponge on the mat with detergent you use to clean the surfaces in the bathroom, where you notice an accumulation of dirt. Then place to dry vertically, for example on the tub rim, or better yet, next to a window. Periodically do warm up in the sun, holding it for a few minutes on the terrace or balcony. If, as we suggest you do, get in the habit of having these devices, the mat keeps well, so you can, occasionally, skip step with sponge and restrict yourself to spray it with a detergent spray (a degreaser, cleaner or a disinfectant) and let it dry without rinsing.

Mixture Anti Mold:

If the mat is not dry well, it may form mold. How to eliminate it? Here is one of our natural blends:

o    A cup of  baking soda

o    Half cup of  white vinegar

o    Full spoon of tea tree oil

Mix all the ingredients and the classic toothbrush is dedicated to clean and rub the Vento’s. In fact, the secret is not allowed to dry the mat horizontally in the tub or shower always. Remembering this, keep it in good condition will be quite simple and will last a long time, hygienically perfect.

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