How to Clean a Bathroom – House Cleaning Experts in Toronto

The bathroom is, without a doubt is a room in the house that requires constant cleaning.

The best way to keep the bathroom in hygienic conditions is to clean it every day.

We must get used to performing daily routine of basic cleaning for the bathroom.

And we should thoroughly clean it every week because, besides being unhygienic, the bathroom will become really difficult to clean if we allow dirt to accumulate in it.

Considering the different components which require cleaning, and the different materials that are made use of for it, Clean my Premises (House Cleaning Toronto) experts propose a list of hygienic methods in this article.

Methods for a Thorough Bathroom Cleaning:



Pass a toilet brush thoroughly in and out the toilet and clean the seat every day.

It is essential to clean the outside of the tank and the toilet bowl weekly.

The bathtub

Depending on the material it is made of, ​​use one good product to clean the tub.

If the bathtub is made of enamel or porcelain, do not use abrasives.

Rather use a solution of dishwasher and hot water for such bathtubs.

If you bathtub is made of fiberglass, it is good clean it up with a good dishwasher.

The shower

It is necessary to clean the accumulation of lime from the screens.

For this purpose you can use white vinegar.

Leave it on the screens for thirty minutes before rinsing it with water.

In case you have curtains around the bathtub, avoid mold from forming on it by periodically soaking it in water and a little bleach.

After subsequently rinsing and washing them by hand or in the washing machine, lay them in perfect condition so that no crease forms.

The sink

You should clean the sink everyday.

You should take special care with everything related to the drains and pipes.


Keep a brush for cleaning the toilet and a good bleach all the time in your bathroom. If we pay attention to maintaining the cleanliness of core elements throughout the bathroom, we can always keep it in the right conditions. For acquiring assistance in proper bathroom cleaning, contact the Clean my Premises > House Cleaners in Toronto team through our website or Facebook page and we will be there at your service.

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