How to care for and cleaning leather furniture

Leather furniture is a sign of beauty and elegance.

To maintain its luster and shine, it is important that it they are properly taken care of.

To clean leather furniture you have to pay special attention so that you do not damage them in any way. In this regard, CMP – House Cleaning Toronto, gives a few tips which you can use to take good care of your leather furniture.


Tips for Taking Care of Leather Furniture:

To prevent deterioration of leather furniture, the first thing we have to do is to place it in a suitable location.

Leather furniture should be placed away from direct sunlight.

Heat from the sunlight can discolor the leather and produce conducive cracking.


3 Tips for Cleaning Leather Furniture:

Tip 1:

The leather must be fed monthly with specific oils or waxes to keep it shining.

However, a home remedy for doing the same would be to use moisturizing milk (as used after showering or bathing).

Tip 2:

If you see a stain on the surface of your leather furniture, you should tend to remove it before applying wax so that it does not leave marks.

To do this, you can clean stains on leather with cotton soaked in beer or beaten egg (if it is clear leather).

Tip 3:

It is important not to use products containing alcohol or strong solvents for cleaning leather furniture.

These products can easily eat away the brightness or color from the furniture.

So, before applying a new product, try it in inconspicuous areas.

This way you will be able to care better for your furniture and clean it properly.


Taking care of leather furniture is not very difficult when you know how to do it. Thus, Clean my Premises (house cleaning Toronto) has provided effective tips for you to care good care of your leather furniture and for cleaning it too.


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