Homemade Furniture Polish for Brightening Wooden Furniture – House Cleaning Toronto

Making a homemade polish for wood furniture is simple.

If you make a good one at home, you probably will never have to go to the store to buy one!

Clean my Premises (House Cleaning Company in Toronto) has devised three types of homemade polishes for your wood furniture.

However, before using them, do try them in small spaces to see how they work.


Best 03 Tips for Homemade Wood Polish:


Olive oil:

Olive oil is the cheapest wood polish you can get.

To use it on wooden furniture, you first have to apply it on a clean cloth.

As olive oil is very nutritious, it leaves the wooden furniture hydrated and shiny.

It is also suitable for polishing furniture that does not suffer extensive damage.

Oil and Lemon Juice:

To regularly polish wood furniture, you can make a mixture of two measures of oil and one measure of lemon juice.

Apply the mixture with a soft cloth and rub it vigorously on the wooden furniture to make it shine.

Let it dry, before placing objects on it.

Olive Oil and White Vinegar:

For deep cleaning, follow these steps:

  1. Mix three parts of olive oil and white vinegar in a bowl
  2. Apply the mixture to the wooden surface with a cloth by rubbing it gently
  3. Let the mixture dry on its own.
  4. Do not place objects on the wooden surfaces until they are completely dry
After reading this article by Clean my Premises experts, you must have understood that making homemade polishes is not a difficult job at all! If you have other recipes for making effective and affordable homemade polishes at home, do let us know by contacting us on Clean my Premises > House Cleaning Toronto or Facebook page.