Home Repair Tips – House Cleaning Services Toronto

There are always some objects at home that need to be prepared for a long term better performance.

The Clean my Premises (House Cleaning Services) team has made a list of these objects for you in this article.

We assure them that it would not be difficult to repair them without the assistance of professionals.

List of Essential Home Repair Objects:

Remove Humidity Problem

  1. The first step in this regard is to find the source of the problem.
  2. Usually a problem occurs in the cooling system of the house in winter due to rain, wind and external moisture.
  3. In this case we have to scratch the affected section of wall to remove the corroded paint.
  4. Then pass a cloth dampened with bleach on the affected the area for disinfecting.
  5. After this, apply different adhesion promoters to help absorb and fix after painting.
  6. Once dried, apply the desired paint.
  7. Apply a water repellent to avoid future problems.

Even if the source of moisture is something other than the one we have suggested, such as filtering water through the shower or a pipe, you can perform the same steps to repair the coolant.

Changing a Torn Curtain

Torn or damaged curtains give a very bad look to the house.

Take the torn curtains down and make rags out of them.

Polishing a Battered Parquet

Stomping of the soles of soiled shoes, dragging of heavy furniture or cleaning with harsh products can cause serious damage to the parquet floors.

Thus when our parquet floors lose shine and get too scratched, it means that need to be polished.

Do polish them you need to:

  1. Clear the room of all furniture.
  2. Use a sandpaper on the older damaged varnish layer.
  3. Then apply the new varnish.

Fixing the Dishwasher

This appliance can last us much at home without extensive maintenance, given the simplicity of washing programs you use.

The most common problems that you can face in the case of a dishwasher is a failure in the drainage pump, lack of efficiency in water supply or the control panel to malfunction.

A blockage in the gap where you put the detergent, can also pose harm to the machine.

To avoid most of these faults, you must follow simple maintenance guidelines and periodically clean the filter.

You should always optimize resources of the washing machine when using it.

Fixing the Toilet Tank

If the tank breaks or stops working, the toilet can become difficult to clean after every use.

The damage in the toilet tank typically occurs due to a leak of the pipes.

So, you need to check if the leak is located at the rear of the tank or at the bottom.

After that you need to replace the pipes that causing the leakage problem.

There are five very typical home repairs that we have discussed in this article. In case you need to know about the repair of other objects at home, give us a call by visiting the Clean my Premises > House Cleaning Toronto website and official Facebook page.