Large Glass Window Cleaning Tips?

Large Glass Window Cleaning Tips?

Many a times the windows of your house get dirty and you do not get the chance to enjoy beautiful and warm rays of the sun entering your room.

This is a great distraction and also unhealthy for the inmates of your house.

However, there are two very simple ways defined by the cleaning experts at Clean my Premises (house cleaning Toronto) through which you can easily clean the large glass panes of your windows and make them look shiny.

Methods for Cleaning Large Glass Windows:

Our experts say that there are two very effective and easy methods to clean large glass windows. For studying these methods and the steps involved, let’s look at the following details:

Use a Glazier Kit

A glazier kit consists of a scrubber and a squeeger.

For big windows, use a large scrubber and squeeger so that you can save time and get your work done on time.

Take a container, pour up to two gallons of water in it and add 1 to 2 teaspoon  of dishwashing liquid.

Mix the solution well until bubbles form and dip the squeeger in it so that it is soaked up properly.

Clean the window with the squeeger by going up and down the glass.

Next, take the scrubber and start taking off the soap from the glass window. Move in the same directions with the scrubber as you had with the squeeger to avoid getting scratches on the glass.

When you are done, let the window dry on its own or take a paper towel and dry it yourself.

Use a Paper:

We are usually told to use paper to clean mirrors and glass tables. We can paper to clean windows too.

Paper cleaning is effective as it does not let glass get a lot of scratches and makes it shine like new when you are done.

Cleaning a large glass window with a paper is simple, so you just need to do:

  1. Soak the paper in water
  2. Rub it gently on the glass window

After you have effectively followed the steps given above, you can dry the window with another unsoaked piece of paper.

However, you can use a towel instead if you do not want to use paper to dry the glass.


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