Furniture Care Tips by CMP House Cleaning in Toronto

Over time furniture wood tends to darken.

People do not consider this as a drawback. Rather they think that this change in appearance is a sign of beauty and distinction.

To help ensure that this change does not involve deterioration, it is important to follow the instructions of a good professional who can naturally take into account both the materials and the finishes used in the production of your furniture.

Clean my Premises (House Cleaning Services in Toronto) has provided detailed methods and tips in this article which you can follow to take care of your wooden furniture.

Taking Care of Furniture:

Usually, when it comes to solid wood furniture, a customary precaution is to remove dust with damp cloth and then dry it with a cloth.

Then it is advised to apply some enriching product of wood which can give an excellent result.

However, there are some other tips and tricks for the care and cleaning of furniture that we have put up here:

Temperature Effects on Wooden Furniture

Furniture better withstand low temperatures than high ones.

It can be said that the temperature optimum that furniture can hold on to is between 20 and 24ºC.

We must avoid sudden changes in temperature for our furniture because it can produce cracks that are difficult to repair.

The furniture and sun

The furniture and sun do not keep a good relationship with each other.

The reason for this is that the sun rays gradually degrade lignin, a component of the cell walls of wood, which causes the cabinets to become clearer losing their natural luster and acquiring a grayish tone.


Another natural and radical enemy of wooden furniture is moisture.

Dampness and moisture can instigate the growth of fungi on the wooden furniture and lead it to its radical decay.

By this we mean both moisture from outside, and the inside the house.

Fat Alcohol and Coffee:

Be very careful with fat, alcohol or coffee.

They can easily create spots on the wooden furniture which can become really difficult to remove.


Very low and very high temperatures, moisture, fats, alcohol and coffee are potential enemies to the quality of your wooden furniture. CMP cleaning experts suggest that it is essential to keep your furniture safe from them as much as you can.

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