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The eternal question when choosing our kitchen is if we should buy an induction cooker or a gas hob?

To help you choose between the two, the Clean my Premises > House Cleaning Toronto team have put up some advice for you.

The difference between the induction cooker and gas hob will also be explained.

Different Types of Cooking Appliances:


Gas cooker

Gas cookers are traditional appliances.

They are operated by a burner where the gas comes into contact with the flame.


  1. They support all kinds of kitchenware, so you do not have to worry about the material you are using.
  2. They are used mainly in professional kitchens for its speed and use a cheaper electric energy system.


  1. Gas cookers are fast, but they also get very dirty.
  2. The person cooking meals on a gas cooker, has to be very careful with the flow of the gas so as to avoid leakage and excess flame.


Hob Cookers

They are commonly referred to as electric or ceramic hobs.


  1. The electric hob revolutionized the kitchen replacing the electric plates which consumed more energy and were difficult to clean.
  2. You can use any cooking pot on them regardless of the material it is made.
  3. The hob cookers are easy to clean.


  1. Although they are cheaper, they consume more energy than the gas cookers.


Induction cookers

Induction cookers are characterized by rapid, safe, less power consuming and clean cooking appliance.


  1. The type of plates it has, directly heats the pan, pot or casserole.
  2. They are made of the latest technology that allows you to set time for cooking certain dishes.
  3. They can automatically detect whether there is a container above them or not.
  4. In this regard, the induction cookers can turn themselves on or off.
  5. The plate itself is never hot so we know if food does not burn down and so is much easier to clean.


  1. The cooking utensils for the induction cookers must be of a ferromagnetic material so to avoid energy losses.
  2. They are more expensive than the traditional cookers as you have to buy glass ceramics for cooking on them.
  3. To check if a cooking pot can be used on the induction cooker, just bring a magnet to the burner, if it sticks, the pots are valid.


The Clean my Premises Toronto expert team has guided you about the different types of cookers you can chose from.

Do tell us of your experiences at buying one and using one of them by visiting our website and Facebook page.