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Whether it’s a big mansion, a cozy studio apartment, or anything in between, any premises can attract dirt, germs and bacteria. Condo/apartment cleaning in Toronto can be a hassle, especially for a working class family where time is a big restraint. CMP caters to cleanup any environment, of any condition, at affordable costs at your own convenience! So what is there to lose? Our professionally trained condo cleaners in Toronto serve to clean your premises while lessening your burden of hassles involved in moving in and out. So let CMP double your efficiency of shifting, while decreasing your time consumption to half.

And who says, that your apartment should only be cleaned during or after moving?

In fact, you should have a routine cleanup of your entire home on a regular basis to foster a clean and healthy environment to grow in. Research suggests a seasonal cleanup of your home. So, according to every season change, it is ideal to have a thorough cleanup of your surroundings including windows, carpets, furniture, air vents, closets, toilets, and every other corner present.

Why do you need condo cleaning?

Did you know that merely relying on the building’s authorities to clean up and maintain your apartment does not insure proper cleaning? Let alone the massive consumption of time, and sometimes even out-of-budget costs. The authorities of your premises will do your basic maintenance, which merely includes hardware tasks such as painting, varnishing and fixing major appliances etc. This alone creates a highly toxic environment due to the harsh chemicals, which are more prone to accumulating dust, bacteria and other air born germs that feed off of toxic chemicals. Just because an empty apartment seems new, does not mean it is! Improper care of your space can not only damage your furniture, but also your health. These chemicals work over time, and do not give warning signs!

Why choose us?

Whether it is prior to moving in, or after moving out, let CMP take charge of cleaning your premises. You would be rather surprised of the before and after picture post a job well done! Our staff follows a strict regime of condo/apt cleaning including a very detailed checklist covering each corner of your home. From a space as large as a living room, to something as small as hidden shelves or cupboards, our team leaves no corner untouched.

Our services go beyond traditional everyday household cleaning, and extend into what the naked eye cannot see. Our innovative methods are proven to provide high quality deliverance, post which your home will not only shine on the outside, but feel clean and healthy from the inside as well.

What makes us different than the rest, you ask?

Our natural and safe to use cleaning products! Yes! Whether it’s the cloths we use to wipe, or reagents we use to clean, our company’s innovative combination of natural cleaning agents combined with expert cleaning methods with great attention to detail not only delivers on the spot results, but also ensures that the areas are less susceptible to getting dirty sooner than any other company in the market. This is due to the natural reagents we add in our chemicals. CMP has dedicated a great deal of research and careful analysis, to reach a conclusion of which products to use to ensure quality results which will last longer over time. Our products are meant to remain intact with any surface for a longer period of time than any other chemical in the market, and are also naturally bound to resist the accumulation of dusts and germs over time.

Our company serves the following areas: Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Thornhill, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Burlington, Pickering.

For more information on your condo cleaning needs, contact us immediately at (416) 568-5055!