Cleaning Stainless Steel Sink Tips By Clean My Premises Toronto

Cleaning Stainless Steel Sink

Yes! Hello and welcome to another day of cleaning tips and advice, from your very own family of CMP workers! Our goal reaches beyond the business of simply providing you with house cleaning services in Toronto. Having been well established as a cleaning company in the Greater Toronto Area, CMP is now reaching out to the masses located at a distant; teaching the ways and importance of proper cleaning.! Our passion for cleanliness cannot be restricted to the borders of Toronto! So, whether you are an experienced homemaker, or a complete dummy of chores, CMP has got your back –even of our long distant clients out there!

Today’s hot topic? Kitchen Cleaning Stainless Steel Sink!!!…the dumping ground of your kitchen’s premises, and an incubator of harmful germs. You might think sinks are self-cleaning just because they are constantly being drained with dishwashing soap.

Well, that’s a myth that should be busted! While it may seem that way, reality is just as opposite. Kitchen sinks actually attract the dirtiest of germs that can exist in your entire house. And if you think about it, it does make sense. From washing the dirt and soil out of vegetables, to recklessly dumping partially licked greasy plates with left over oily food and coagulating spices and mineral deposits, your kitchen sink takes in a lot throughout the day! In fact research has suggested that your toilet can actually be cleaner than your kitchen sink! People have a natural tendency to properly clean and sanitize their toilets, but leave their kitchen sinks at the mercy of tap water. Here are a few DO’s and DON’T’s of kitchen sink cleaning, along with a few natural remedies to help you ensure and maintain proper sanitation and longer lasting stainless steel shine.


  1. Clean the sink with vinegar and a pinch of baking soda at least once a day. This solution is highly effective for getting rid of stubborn residual built up of hardened oils and other deposits. Then drain the sink with a diluted mixture of bleach and tap water. This will help you prevent blockage in the drainpipe where the scum usually builds up over time. CMP recommends inserting this step in your evening routine of post dinner kitchen cleanup. Let it sit over and air dry over night.


  1. To ensure a longer lasting stainless steel shine of your sink, rub along its sides with orange peels, at least once a week. The organic acidity present in oranges works natural wonders in not only getting rid of stains but also to reverse the chemical reactions which can make your sinks look duller in colour. The peels have an easy grip and the fibers therein act as natural wipes. Wash it down with water, and your sinks will look as good as recently bought.


  1. Use a soft sponge and dish washing soap to rub the sides and bottom of your sink. The soap helps to get rid of grease and oils. Extra care should be draw into clean the screens of your sinks! That’s the actual scene of the crime, where most germs deposit. Using the same soap, rub the screen with a toothbrush and thoroughly rinse. You may also use a cotton swab to scoop the hard to reach spaces. This should be done every time you wash dishes, handle food in the sink or pour any chemical into it.


        1. Don’t forget to clean and wipe under and around the facets too. Use paper towels to soak up the water, which may have splashed outside the sink. Each year, thousands of Canadians spend hundreds of dollars and seek professional help to salvage their deteriorating sinks, due to consequences of improper care. A little effort goes a long way. So, include these few simple steps into your daily routine of kitchen cleaning, and be rest assured of longer lasting and money saving results. For more info visit House Cleaning Toronto page for our complete residential cleaning services, please reach us at +1(416)-565-5055!!!