Cleaning Stainless Steel Hood – Toronto House Cleaning

The stainless steel appliances are becoming more common in homes again.

However, this material requires specific cleaning.

In order to clean a stainless steel hood, absorb the information that the Clean my Premises > House Cleaning Toronto team has put forward.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Hood:


Instruction 1:

You can use a spray product for cleaning the stainless steel hood.

However, you should never use a mop on it because it can lose its shine.


Instruction 2:

To remove grease from a sucker for stainless steel, use a spray product.

It can be applied directly.

After that remove the remains with a damp cloth.


Instruction 3:

The trick is to dry the surface quickly.

So avoid rags as they can leave lint behind.


Instruction 4:

After removing the fat, use those products that give brightness to the surface.

You can never use these products to clean grease because the result can be an absolute disaster.


With the instructions that the Clean my Premises >  Toronto House Cleaning experts have put here, you will not only be able to clean the stainless steel hood properly but also save it from getting scratched.

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