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We can find very effective and powerful cleaning products in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

However, we cannot buy all of them!

So to choose among the best, first we need to know the products that we need to buy.

The Clean my Premises > House Cleaning in Toronto experts suggest that you should read about the properties of the four types of cleaners and then choose the best among many when you go for shopping.

Properties of Cleaning Products:


This product cleans windows and much more.

We can also use it on mirrors, crystals, sinks, appliances, refrigerator shelves, cabinet doors, kitchen countertops, etc.

It evaporates quickly and leaves no traces behind.

Degreasing Products:

This product is used to dissolve or remove fat from walls, doors, electrical switches, kitchen counter, fat embedded in the baseboard.

It can also clean dirt outside furniture.

Bathroom Cleaners:

As its name suggests, we use it to clean one of the most complicated areas of our home, that is the bathroom.

The product has to be the one which can effectively eliminate soap scum, rust and mineral residues from the bathroom floor and tiles.

It is a thick liquid which needs to be left on surface for activation so that it can disinfect surfaces, dissolve minerals and eliminate fat.

Abrasive Products:

The chemical cleaning agents are used to dissolve bacteria and remove dirt.

They contain some abrasive particles that increase the worth of cleaning action.

They act like sandpaper, rubbing and removing stubborn dirt removal products.

Besides these essential products, there are other specific ones for cleaning concrete surfaces.

Oil and grease remover:

They are the oil distillate products which serve to remove residual fat. They also act on the remains of chewing gum, oil or adhesives.

Repellent products: are composed of very corrosive solutions to remove the waste left by hard or salted water.

For stains: created to remove oxides of batteries, bathrooms and toilets that may occur in areas where the water contains iron.

For stainless steel: products used to clean, protect and polish sinks, surfaces, pots and pans stainless steel.

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