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cleaning marble

Unique Tips For Cleaning Marble

Many people wonder how to clean marble or what to do to not make the mistake of irremediable ruining it with corrosive products. Despite being a rock, clean the marble is an operation that requires special attention in particular in the choice of detergent to use.

The marble is basically a rock and limestone, as such, can be easily stained, scratched and corroded. Not quite as durable as granite, but clean the marble with the right precautions means keep it in excellent condition for many years.

How to Clean Marble Counter-Tops

To Clean marble shelves is, perhaps, the most difficult thing. The first move is done to usually remove the dust that is formed with a wet sponge. It is a big mistake. To remove dust from the marble always have a dry cloth. The stone could absorb the water and continue to release moisture for several months.

Also, avoid to settle on the shelves of marble or ceramic objects with sharp edges that could scratch the stone. Use coasters, trays for beverages or runner decorated. This will protect the marble and enrich your shelf. Also Visit Our Next Blog Regarding Wood Cleaning Tips for effective and traditional cleaning methods of wood.

How to Clean the Marble with the Right Products

Not to use a few common household cleaners containing acids and chemicals that can damage the marble. Generic products for household cleaning is one of the most common causes of marble ruined.

Ammonia, vinegar, orange or lemon should be avoided to clean the marble.Despite, the vinegar is an excellent detergent and disinfectant, for various surfaces, it is an acidic substance which can corrode the marble.
So, what to use to clean the marble?
Nothing can be more effective than the simple hot water and a soft sponge, to be used once in a week.

How to Clean Marble Daily

The best solution is to use a dry cloth to remove dust. Anyway, whatever would be your method of cleaning product, it is important that you make sure to use a sponge, a soft, suede or a duvet dust.

How to Clean Marble Floors

It is similar to clean the marble floors. Be sure to use a soft damp cloth to clean the marble surface. Best is microfiber, so you will avoid scratching the floor when you dwell on the most stubborn dirt. In the latter case, the advice is to make circular motions on the floor of the points that require more cleaning. Once in a week, use hot water to clean the marble . Try to change often rinse water for very dirty surfaces and remember to dry the floor once the cleaning is done.

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