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cleaning glasses

Cleaning Glasses

Sunglasses or eyeglasses makes no difference, dirtiness and disordering of the glasses is really a hassle. Here are some guidelines to clean them and order them to the fullest.

How to order the eyeglasses ?

If you wear glasses and do not ever find them , to order them into the right place you could use a satin ribbon to hang them. There are  many useful ideas.

Satin Tape – The first trick to always get glasses tidy and at hand, hang a ribbon of satin . Take a piece of tape along approximately 50 cm. Hang it on the wall of the bedroom by simply using two tacks at both ends of the webbing. The tape should not be too tight. At this point, wrap tape around a nice fantasy handkerchief. We recommend you to choose a color that nicely matches to the furnishings. Hang the glasses on the bar line .

Wooden Hanger – The second trick involves the use of a wooden hanger, preferably vintage . Use your imaginations and decorate it according to your tastes. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Do you have some ideas?
Try Our’s.

Take a ribbon lace, apply buttons with hot glue or stones of different sizes on the hanger, that will create exceptional lighting . After decorating , hang it on the wall of a room. You can place it in the bedroom or even in the library. You just have to hang your glasses, always on the side of the arms. This decorated hanger will become a real piece of furniture that will give character to the environment. Also Do visit our next blog regarding House Cleaning Tips and Tricks regarding some unique tips for cleaning bedrooms,blinds,glasses etc.

How to clean the glasses?

For cleaning of the glasses, you should slightly wipe them with a soft damp cloth on which you have poured the drops of white vinegar : in this way you will avoid halos. In the absence of vinegar, glasses can be washed with water and a few drops of dish detergent .

If you lose the lives of a pair of glasses, replace it temporarily with a safety pin inserted in the hole of the screw and then closed it again. But later on visit the optician.

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