Cleaning Glass Window Tips By “CMP” House Cleaning Toronto

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Cleaning Glass Window

Season’s greetings to all CMP followers! Welcome to yet another one of our hopefully many more, informative blogs on residential cleaning tips and secrets. CMP cannot emphasize enough, the importance of methodical and strategic household cleaning. Through years of experience and monitoring, our conservative estimates suggest that a typical household van save over $1000 per annul, just by implementing proper and skillful techniques into their day-to-day cleaning regime. So, for those of you that are looking to save time, energy and most importantly, on all types of residential cleaning services, follow our next blog for quick and easy tips for Cleaning Bathtub.

Today, we feature…WINDOW CLEANING! As simple as it may sound to the untrained eye, cleaning windows always tops the chart of chores to dread over. That is because if not done right, your incompetent wiping skills and effortlessly failed results are emphasized when you are left with worse results than what you started with.

I am sure that everyone can relate to failed attempts of window washing which reveal soapy stroke marks, sticky grease and fabric lint. Just when you think your would dry up and yield a transparency just like in the commercials;you realize how wrong you are!

Contrary to what most people think, professional equipment, tools, or heavy duty cleaning chemicals are actually not necessary to get the done right.Cleaning of any type just requires skilled techniques and few household supplies. You can get transparent results with a simple wet newspaper. Yes, That’s right! Something as common as a newspaper can actually work wonders and gives you that clean shine you always dream of, while imagining people walking right through your well done.

Newspapers are ideal for wiping or mirrors because they are thin enough to be used as a cloth, but minus the fabric lint. Simply spray water on the window along with a tiny hint of Windex (if greasy), scrunch up old newspaper and wipe in small circular motions in a uniform manner. Once your newspaper starts to deteriorate, switch to another one and repeat. Leave the window to air dry, and watch it reveal desired results in the first attempt itself! Get the invisibility you want to trick everyone who walks through!


Stay tuned for more quick and easy cleaning tips and saving secrets, at your very own CMP blog! Contact us immediately, for any of your House Cleaning Toronto Services at affordable rates; help us serve you better, to make your chores more enjoyable.