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Cleaning Bath Tub

In many households relatives new and old will be singing praise of what a lovely home you have – or so we hope!

It can get frustrating trying to make all the ends meet, especially maintaining the cleanliness of the living room, bedrooms, and yes…bathrooms! Fortunately, it won’t take much to get your bathrooms ready for loved ones. Rely on CMP to do magic with all the yucky organisms that have accumulated on your tubs.Follow our quick and easy everyday guide to help you get the job done as sparkling as possible, using simple household ingredients!

CMP recommends using surf detergents for Cleaning bathtub! A little bit of Tide powder and a simple scrub brush goes a long way in cleaning the yellow grime off of any surface and breakdown tough residues that may have hardened. You can also add a few drops of bleach to keep it sanitized in the end for longer lasting results. Make sure to take out the hair follicles that clog your drainage hole from the bathtub. Let it air dry before using it to shower to prevent any slippery accidents!

At CMP, we understand that clean starts with using the right materials. But they don’t have to break your budgets! That’s why we tell you only the most convenient cleaning tips and secrets using everyday household products.

The dangers involved in showering in an unhygienic tub are plentiful. We know it doesn’t take long for germs to travel and mixing them in with the dead skin cells our body sheds, dirt and a host of other parasites…well…that just isn’t a pretty picture.

Enjoying precious moments with family, creating memories for the future generations and enjoying the compliments relatives bestow on having such a clean home, to CMP that spells pretty.Visit Our next blog regarding Christmas Tree Cleaning Till then say goodbye to the hardships of cleaning and ensure a clean environment for all friends and family!

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