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How to Clean Toilet!

Toilet Seats cleaning, how to unclog a toilet, How To Clean ToiletHouse cleaning in Toronto involves various household chores! Toilet cleaning is one of them. But needless to say, it is not the most energetically sought after! It can be disgustingly dirty, messy and not to mention, stinky! However, did you know that unclean bathrooms and in particular, dirty toilet seats,are significantly responsible for the spread of infectious diseases, bacteria and viruses?

Therefore, frequent and regular maintenance of good cleaning rituals is a MUST, in keeping proper sanitation, personal hygiene and overall cleanliness.

So, on our second day of countdown to Christmas, the CMP team has put together for you some quick, simple and effective ways of properly cleaning your household toilets, in a time efficient manner. Through many years of experience in various types of residential cleaning services around Toronto, we have skillfully developed and collected various cleaning strategies and useful tips! So, today we will tell you some toilet cleaning secrets and techniques, which will helpclean your toilet in no time and with less effort.

Toilet cleaning can be pretty disgusting, so proper protection is necessary. Start by wearing a double layer of latex gloves. Since brushing strokes can splash dirty water on your face, safety goggles and hair net are also recommended, especially if you are msyophobic. Next pour about half a cup of vinegar in the toilet bowl along with your bowl cleaner, close the lid and let sit for about 5-10 minutes. Vinegar is a natural stain-removing reagent, while the toilet cleaner will soak up the grease and dirt from the bowl. TIP: while purring the cleaning solution, make sure you pour from the internal part of the rim, where the water flushes from. You may have to kneel down to get a better view of this.

While the chemicals are sitting still with the lid closed, stat using your disinfectant cleaning wipes to sanitize the rest of the toilet. Remember, the outside is just as important to clean as the inside! So, go ahead and rub along the external rim, crevasses, the water tank and the toilet lid with your cleaning wipes.

Next, clean in and around the toilet seat, making sure to change the dirty wipe which you were previously using, since that is where your skin makes direct contact.

Lastly, take your toilet brush, hold it gently and using quick and firm circular strokes clean the inside of the toilet rim. Use more vinegar to get rid of more stubborn stains. Flush the toilet couple of times, and rinse the brush in the sink before putting it back in the holder. Finish off by wiping any spills around your area, washing hands and spraying your favorite scent!

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