How To Clean Range Hood Filters – Professional House Cleaners Toronto

Cleaning the range hood and filters is a task that must be performed regularly.

It is important to remove the grease that forms on the filters not only for hygiene, but for your family’s safety also.

Having dirty range hoods and filters is like having no outlet for the kitchen to breathe.

To clean the range hood and filters effectively, read the following suggestions given by Clean my Premises > House Cleaning Toronto experts.

Cleaning Range Hood and Filters:

  1. You must make a weekly maintenance schedule for cleaning the range hood and filters.
  2. In case of fire, a dirty hood can be a tool for spread danger across the kitchen. So, it is better to avoid letting a range hood stay dirty for long.
  3. To avoid rubbing, use soap which can remove fat from the hood and filters.
  4. You can leave the filters in soapy water for a few hours once a week.
  5. You can always make this work simpler by avoiding rubbing the surfaces while you clean the filter.
  6. Use soft brush to clean the filter.
  7. You can use a disinfectant to confirm that no germs stay inside the filters and the hood.
Cleaning the hood and filters is simple, however you need to follow some precautions to avoid damaging them. If you are in need of professional help for cleaning your kitchen range hood and filters, contact Clean my Premises team through our official website and Facebook Page.

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