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Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Cleaning

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Thy leaves are so unchanging… is actually a traditional German carol. Have you ever wondered why we decorate an evergreen tree to celebrate Christmas?

Did you know that ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Hebrews used evergreen trees to signify eternal life? Pagan Europeans worshiped trees and decorated their homes and barns at the New Year with evergreen trees to scare away the devil. The modern Christmas tree however originated in Germany. The Germans placed fir trees decorated with apples (“paradise trees”) in their homes on December 24th to celebrate the religious feast day of Adam and Eve. They hung wafers on the trees to suggest redemption. In later traditions, the wafers were replaced with cookies and then candles (to symbolize Christ). In the same room, Germans placed a “Christmas pyramid,” a triangular shaped compilation of shelves that held Christmas figurines, evergreens, candles and a star. By the 16th century, the paradise tree and the Christmas pyramid merged to form the “Christmas tree”. The Christmas tree soon became popular beyond Germany.

Today, we decorate trees with various traditional ornaments such as garlands, tinsels, and candy canes. A star or an angel is placed at the top of the tree to represent the angel Gabriel or the Star of Bethlehem. The Christmas tree embodies Christian values, which makes it even more important to clean it properly. Visit Our Next Blog Regarding Complete household cleaning tips .

Mean while here are a few tips to help you clean your Christmas Tree Cleaning:

1) Using the upholstery bristle brush attachment, vacuum the dust on your tree (keeping the brush 1-1.5 inches away from the tree’s needles), and work from top to bottom.

2) Fill a bucket with warm water and a little bit of mild natural detergent

3) Dip a dishtowel and towel damp your tree needles to wipe debris

4) Decorate your tree with ornaments

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