Ceiling Cleaning Tips By Clean My Premises Toronto

Ceiling Cleaning

Ceiling Cleaning

The walls and ceilings are in need of routine maintenance to remove dust and cobwebs. How to clean the ceiling? Do not worry, follow our guide and you’ll see how easy it will be.

Cleaning of the Ceiling:

Raise your eyes for often reserve surprises: even the ceiling is dirty, having stains and cobwebs is not a pretty sight to see.  How to clean the ceiling without much effort? Here are some simple tips on how to clean the ceiling:

Not Only Spider’s Web:

Not only having the cobwebs made a bad and unwatchable ceiling: it seems impossible, that there can also be no stains. A carbonated beverage splashing sets of children who leave their mark and many other occasions contribute to soil the ceiling. Come and do? How to clean the ceiling without the risk of getting hurt and without much effort.

Spider’s Web:

If you are looking up to the cobwebs and spiders, the solution is simple: just take a broom and give particular attention to the corners to eliminate the hideous cobwebs. If you’re so good, takeout the creator of the cobwebs that stays in place for longer, but do not be fooled too. Removing of the cobwebs is an action to score at least in the list of weekly cleaning or, at most, fortnightly.


If the ceiling of the room is having dark areas, and so it is not a situation that only concerns the corners, but a larger area, certainly the most effective fast method is that of painting. Spend at least one coat of paint to the ceiling; it will definitely shine, restoring the light to the room and the sense of freshness.


If your ceiling has stains, perhaps non-identified, you should use a stick; the best tool is the mop, covered it with a white towel, and well tied. Not too wet it with water and a mild soap and pass it back and forth on the spot, as long as this is not entirely disappeared. It’s a little hard work in high, for easier operation we advise you to obtain a ladder and work at a more comfortable height.

You have seen cleaning of the ceiling is an easy task? Try to implement our recommendations and let us know at Clean my Premises (House Cleaning Toronto). Also read our next post related to How to Clean Mirrors in our blog section.