Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning Services Toronto:

Restaurant Cleaning Services Toronto

The business of hospitality and its level of cleanliness go hand in hand. Would you ever want to eat in a restaurant that seems even remotely unclean? No matter how low the prices are, or how delicious the food may be. Surveys have indicated that on a whole people would not even consider dining at a place that does not look clean and tidy because they value their health over cheap prices. In fact the field of hospitality in general is founded upon its presentation and quality of service.

Why have your restaurant cleaned?

There are strict laws for any food industry in Canada which outline the level of cleanliness required to operate and handle any type of food. However, not everyone follows it!

Food in general, be it at home in your fridge, or in big expensive hotels, requires very careful handling. And if not handled properly, can lead to either of two things: consumption or huge amounts of waste, both of which are bad for you. While one is detrimental to your business, the other one is detrimental to your health. There is no recycling or reusing. Food is either consumed, or wasted! Did you know much of the restaurant food that goes bad is due to the lack of cleanliness in the environment, which it is stored? In addition, many accidents are also bound to occur in settings, which are not cleaned properly! Dirty dishes, sinks, floors, stained equipment, burned utensils, dirty freezers, unsanitized surfaces etc. all contribute to an unclean environment. No wonder people get sick of “outside food!” Mere day-to-day cleaning and wiping is just not enough for the stubborn germs and bacteria that arise due to food.

In fact for any restaurant, CMP recommends a thorough and professional clean up at least every month in addition to the day-to-day maintenance that your restaurant already conducts!

Why choose us?

We are professionally trained, insured and licensed in handling cleanups of the food industry. So, whether it is cleaning the behind the scene area of your restaurant such as the kitchen, washer, dirty sinks or heavy equipment; or external seating areas, lounges, tables, floors and even lighting, let CMP create the best impression for you! The combination of equipment and reagents we use are carefully formulated an sensitive toward the handling of food. We give importance to natural products, and our skilled workers follow methodical strategies to maximize output and minimize waste over tie. What makes us different from the rest? We give importance to cleaning inside out! So, we work from the roots to branches and leave no corner unturned!

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