Moving Cleaning


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Bought a new house? Or moving out of your old one?

All you need is some wood, cement and coated walls with a ceiling on top to make a house. But it’s the environment that surrounds it, that makes it a home. Moving on its own is a life turning event in anyone’s life. It is a dream of a future you foresee, while choosing where you would like to spend a large portion of your life. This alone can be an exhausting decision to make, let aside the stress of finances, packing and shifting. So, while you try to make a home out of the coated house you just bought, why not let CMP help make your life easier by cleaning it? We serve our moving in or out services Toronto wide as well as neighboring cities.

Why move in cleanups are important?

Moving in or out can be an exhausting nightmare; but very exciting at the same time. With all the clutter, cardboard boxes, packing, wrapping it becomes very easy neglect what is most important- cleaning and sanitizing! This applies to not only the space you are soon about to take or leave, but also the things, which occupy it! Moving in alone is a very tiring and exhausting task! So, who has time to dust, polish and clean the small little things while you are busy in the hard work of shifting? Did you know that the shuffling of your things, be it furniture, or showpieces, attracts more dust, germs and pollutants than anywhere else? Don’t believe us? Just swipe you hand across your table and see the dirt on it after! These particles also have the ability to penetrate your skin causing irritation, allergies and other harmful conditions over time! Therefore, it is essential to have your premises cleaned up properly prior to, during and post shifting of any kind.

So while you are busy working hard on the big things, why not CMP take care of all the rest?

Why choose us?

Whether you are moving in or out, turning a house having a clean environment is what differentiates your house from home. So, let CMP clean your house, while you work hard making a home. Let us do the hard work for you. From dusting, cleaning washing to even sparkling the hard to reach spaces like small cabinets, windows and vents! Let us do it all for you to make your home a sweet home. Our team of skillfully trained workers, are not only time efficient but also highly experiences in the do’s and don’ts of cleaning! For an average person cleaning is a very simple term. But for us it is an entire field; an umbrella which covers anything and everything from dusting, wiping, washing, tidying, mopping, sterilizing, and much more! Our team follows a very strict regime and protocol of procedures to ensure that your space and things not only look and feel clean but also stay that way for a long time! Our naturally formulated products allow any surface to remain free of pollutants longer than any other company in the market!

So contact CMP at (416) 568-5055 for a free quote today. Our dedication goes a long way in keeping our  customers happy. Time efficient, and highly professional, CMP prioritizes quality of service!