Commercial Cleaning

At Clean My Premises (CMP) we have built a team that you can trust to ensure a thorough commercial cleaning service, dedicated to your property’s cleaning, security and safety. Our staff is experienced and competent in providing the best in commercial cleaning services. Our attention to detail is matched by few others; our company is adept at cleaning with a structured and methodical order, guaranteeing consistently meticulous work. A commercial space cleaned by our staff regardless of the venue will become a fresh, hygienic, and welcoming location for every client, customer and employee. Offices, warehouses, and restaurants are just a few of the many possible establishments for which we provide professional commercial cleaning services; we are well versed in the tasks required for working within this sector.


Our Services

  Restaurant Cleaning Services    Our staff is highly trained and capable when it comes to complying with health standards and cleaning within the food industry.

Warehouse Cleaning Services Warehouse spaces can be hard to maintain, our staff is skilled and methodical at organizing and cleaning large spaces.

        Party Cleaning Services           If you’re in charge of a local night spot, bowling alley or community centre we can assist you in keep things fun, clean and inviting.


Office Cleaning Services
Ever walk in an office and wonder how can someone get any work done around here? With all the paper, stationary, files and folders.